ATTENTION - 26/12-2015! I've been victim of a joe-job. people sending spam in my name. It seems that they got hold of my mail contacts. Sadly a missing SPF record might have worsened the experience, since mails were sent from all over the globe and not my account. Sorry about that. 

REMEDIATION - 27/12-2015!: I've changed mail hosting provider, created an SPF record and the problem should be solved, when the new nameservers take over.

UPDATE: I've enabled DMARC and DKIM using UnoEuro.com, so things look good, if recipients are using antispam technology. If you are receiving spam srom this domain, you are practically not following the antispam standards of today.


Hi, and welcome to the humble domain of Max Andersen, Denmark . [max at militant dot dk]

After being a Microsoft system administrator[MCSE NT4.0 w/TCP and IIS] waaay back for a few years, I discovered the stability and genius involved in the good old UNIX/Linux operating system and became a RedHat administrator [RHCT 4/5]. Nowadays I mostly run plain and simple Mac@home and Windows@work :). Ease of use for the company vs. ease of use for me :). I do have a fondness for debian and ubuntu, but enterprises are enterprises.

Here is some information about me:

  • LinkedIn profile : dk.linkedin.com/in/maxandersendk/
  • C.V.                  : Write an email, and I will send you a C.V. as a response.
  • Contact info      : max (at) militant (dot) dk

Many people ask about the origin of the domainname, since the times we live in, make people suspicious and jumpy, and the story is a display of yet another interesting project, I never got around to do.

I purchased the domain a long time ago, to startup a computer-gaming group, to share mutual interests, etc. I never got around to do anything about it, so I just use it for my own personal email, and some other people who needs a fun email adress :)

I also own: krig.dk, bosshoss.dk, trut.dk, konsulentsalg.dk, and a few others. It's like owning unnecessary tools when you're a handyman. I don't need them, but I thought they would be fun to have when I bought them :)

My greatest interests are in security and stability. 2 words with the same meaning if in a corporate environment.

I've contributed lightly to several small projects, including Nessus FAQ in the old days, when Renaud Deraison was running the show single-handedly, a few danish translations, eg. phpMyFAQ , and will continue to pay back to the community, when I can.

Please send me a message below if you feel you need to contact me, regarding my C.V., or other reasons. 


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